Green & Growing One Sale At A Time

Green Features

The parking lot utilizes a pervious pavement allowing water to penetrate into the soil instead of running off.

Plantings were chosen for the landscaping that are drought tolerant and thrive in the Southwest Florida climate.

The exterior walls are a highly insulated pre-cast concrete wall system that also provides a tightly sealed building envelope. The attic insulation is a cutting edge spray foam, further sealing the building.

South facing walls and roofing are white to reflect, not absorb, radiant heat from the sun.

Windows are specially chosen double pane, insulated windows that are also hurricane impact resistant.

The HVAC system features an 18 SEER rating, two speed compressor, variable speed air handler, and heat pump. 

The cement slab was treated with a stain and wax for a unique flooring option. Having hard flooring, instead of carpet, reduces cooling loads on the building.

Lighting is with Compact Flourescent (CFL) bulbs using many times less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Although our building is Orange, Floridian
Realty Services stands out as one of the
"Greenest" Real Estate Offices in Florida.

Floridian Realty Services' office building features solar electric power. Our thirty-six solar panels satisfy our office's electrical usage. Any overage generated is sent back to Florida Power & Light.

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