Cody Ellsworth - Sales Associate

I was born and raised in sunny Southwest Florida. Many days you can find me on the beach with my family enjoying the beauty of Florida and building sand castles with my kids. Florida is a dream and it's no wonder that people flock here from every corner of the earth! 

When I'm not providing excellent service for buyers and sellers, I also greatly enjoy playing guitar with my daughter, Ara. Her little sister, Zelda, isn't quite old enough yet, but she will be manning the drums soon. I really enjoy working in real estate because it affords me the time to have fun with my family and build an amazing service. I look forward to helping you and your family by skillfully guiding you through your real estate endeavors!

Please contact me if I may be of assistance.

Direct: (941) 451-0000
Toll free: (888) 697-9410 x.757

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